Thursday, March 10

Release Day Winners!

Well, I picked the names out of the hat last night but then forgot to post. And, since I as on Vicoden as a cough suppressant (I know, weird, huh?) I am not sure the post would have made much sense.
I want to thank all the authors again for being patient for the problems with Facebook and for offering up prizes for my release day. This was such a great success, I think I will do one for A Little Harmless Addiction on June 7th! Thanks to all you readers for making it so wonderful. I was happy to read that some of you had not read all the authors. I love to introduce readers to new authors.

Winners please EMAIL ME so I can forward your info to the author.

Rebecca Goings- Flchen1
Eden Bradley- Jeanette
MJ Fredrick-Munk
Jodi Redford-Brandy W
Tina Donahue- Just Call Me Red
Juniper Bell- Mariee
Shona Husk- LKap
Imogen Howson- Modokker
Kiera West-BadKLV

And, our Grand Prize Winner is:
Remember, I don't hunt folks down. It is your job to get back to me so you can claim your prize.
Thanks, everyone!


Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

Congratulations All!

Stacie said...

Oh my goodness! Thank you so much! Good luck to all of the authors with new releases!

LKap said...

Thank you Mel and Shona!!
I'm excited to read this

Brandy W said...

Congratulations to all of the winners. It was a fantastic contest. Thank you Mel.

Colleen said...

Yippee! I won a cowboy... book! Many thanks for the win... e-mail sent!
Congrats to all of the other winners! :)

elaing8 said...

Congrats to the winners

flchen1 said...

Thank you so much, Mel and friends!


rodgers.shelli said...

congrats to everybody and thank you to mel and all the authors it was so fun, and i now have new books to buy lol

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