Friday, May 4

Cover flat goodliness

Brandy was trying to be nice to me because well, I am a whiner when I move. So, look what she made me! These are going to be made up like a cover flat, the first pic will be the front and the second the back! I am going to be ordering some soon. So excited. I will have them at AAD with me and if you know of any smaller cons, review sites or blogs that would like to have some to give to readers, let Brandy or I know. I really need to learn my new address so I can order them. 


lorimeehan said...

Very nice. Hope to win one when there out.

Savannah Chase said...

Oh that is a hot cover..All of the are...Congrats

Ursula said...

Would LOVE to have a couple to give away on my review site! That would be so cool :)

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