Monday, March 12

Guest Post: Ju Dimello

Tales from the kitchen in romantic fiction...

My characters like to cook...Maybe it's because I have a love-hate relationship with cooking, or it could be the fact that I need a lot of comfort food to get me into the writing mood or it could just be that I can try whatever dishes I'm in the mood for through my characters. Whatever the reason is, I love to incorporate food into my stories, and let me tell you, that's always much easier than me preparing them! 

In Fiery Icicle, my debut release (Look at my cover pretty), the heroine is a witch. To make it interesting, I put in a point that she doesn't eat eggs. Well, I didn't realize the amount of research time I might need, where I ended up searching for recipes that doesn't contain eggs and in making sure the heroes (yep!) take double care in that aspect :) It was so much fun for this book :) 

I think there's a lot one can find about characters from the way they eat or show they care through food. At the very least, I feel so nice when my DH (Dear Husband) steps in to cook for no reason at all...and there're times we substitute eating in instead of going out to celebrate and it's fun to cook together. Of course, the kitchen looks a lot more messier that day but well, it gives me a chance to get worked up and start on a whirlwind of cleaning (which btw, is my usual style). LOL! 

How about you? Do you love to cook, hate it? Or in between - where you do it because it has to be done? You can find me at and can stalk me on the links given in my website. And since my book is not released yet, I'm making sure I leave you with something sweet..Something to drool over..What better than chocolate? Oh, while you're at it, do tell me what's your favorite comfort food. 

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Tami said...

Hi Ju, I like to cook but love to bake! Comfort food would have to be peanut butter! Thanks for stopping by!

Ju Dimello said...

Nice to "meet" you too, Tami :)

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