Saturday, August 20

Reviewers for ARCS needed

Yes, I do have to write a post about the cons. I will be comparing them, so I am sure someone will be unhappy with me.
But, I wanted to give you a heads up. Brandy Walker, as many of you know, is my new personal assistant and we are getting organized. I have some big news coming, which I am freaking out about a little, but Brandy is talking me down from the ledge every now and then.
But, if you are a reader who reviews on Amazon, B and N, or Goodreads, or you have a blog or review site, we want your info. Here is what Brandy needs from you:
I'm working on the ARC list for Mel, logging in the emails I've gotten so far. This is the information I'm looking for. Name, email, Twitter (if you have it), eReader, Format Preference, yes or no for leaving reviews on Amazon, BN & Goodreads, Blog name if you have one
Email this all to her at Thanks

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Blog: The Smutty Kitty
kittykelly28 @
I'll leave reviews on Amazon, B&N, and wherever else
I have a Kindle so I prefer prc but PDF is fine too ;)

I might already be on your list.

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