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Just a gentle reminder of the RULES AND REGS.
I have a special place in my heart for all The Smutketeers. I have never met a group so willing to speak with readers and to help other authors. I truly love hanging out on their blog. And, so when I was planning this, I thought, why not give them a whole day! So, today is Smutketeer DAY! And since they did me so good the other day, I hope y'all give them a big OLD HARMLESS WELCOME. And, make sure to join their Yahoo Group.

First up is Karen Erickson with her book Indulgent Pleasures! She is giving away an AMAZON GC today.



What’s your fantasy?
Stephanie Shaw’s ready to experience a fantasy or two all for the sake of her job. Research for the magazine she works for could result in her own column and she wants it. Bad.
Almost as bad as the gorgeous man she runs into–literally. Justin Hawkins is sinfully hot and ready to indulge in her every whim. A few stolen hours in the backseat of a car turns into the most passionate sexual encounter of her life.
But Stephanie’s keeping a secret. When she finds out Justin is a former pro baseball player, no way can she tell him about her job. The media-shy Justin hates being in the public eye and Stephanie’s documenting their sexual encounters for the entire city to read–anonymously.
A betrayal of trust hurts them both and sends them reeling. And also renders them apart. Stephanie’s devastated, Justin’s angry. Can this relationship be fixed?


“Oh, I’ll still have you Stephanie.” His voice lowered, smoothing over her nerve endings.
Easing her fears and making her melt. “I’ll have you any way I want you.”
“Promises, promises,” she murmured, a little smile tickling the corner of her lips. Relief
flooded her at the familiar teasing, the sexual promise that hung between them.
“So tell me, what are you wearing right now?”
She glanced down at herself. “You want the truth or what you really want to hear?”
He chuckled. “I want the truth.”
“Boring old sweats and a tank top.”
“The sweats are blue, the tank top red.”
“Of course.”
“Of course what?”
“You always wear red. It’s your signature color.”
Stephanie liked the fact that he noticed. Not every man she’d dated had paid attention.
How they could’ve missed it, she didn’t know. “It is my favorite color.”
“I figured.”
“What’s your favorite color?”
“Whatever you’re wearing.”
“Flattery will get you everywhere.” She laughed.
“Mmm, so I’ve heard. Tell me what you would’ve said you were wearing.”
“Oh, I would’ve said nothing at all.” She smiled and wandered back into her bedroom,
plopping down in the middle of her unmade bed.
A strangled choke sounded over the phone. “I like that version better than the truth.”
“No surprise there. So what are you wearing?”
“You want the truth or what you really want to hear?” Justin threw her words back at her.
“The truth.”
“My underwear. I’m about ready to go to bed.”
“What color?”
“Pervert.” He chuckled again. “Black boxer briefs.”
All the air seemed to leave her at the image of Justin sitting in his bed, nothing but a pair
of black boxer briefs covering his magnificent body.
“I wish I was there with you,” she admitted in a small voice.
“I do too, babe.” He sounded gruff and more than a little aroused.
“If I were there I would tear off your underwear and have my way with you.”
“What would you do?”
Oh la la! I would like to know, lol. So, tell Karen, what do you like? Big, bulging muscles or a lean, mean, sexy machine? She is giving away a 10 Dollar AMAZON GC to one lucky winner!


Chele Blades said...

i love a man with well defined muscles but not too lumpy...a great six pack is the best...and back muscles...who would have thought that was so sexy...but watching the move now that is yum

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen - given the choice, I prefer a "lean mean sexy machine" - like Andy Whitfield as Spartacus in the Starz series. <3
The bulging muscles worry me, really, with all the veins and... when a guy's arms are the size of his head. And the maintenance! As soon as he stops it'll all run to fat. Not sexy.
LOL and apparently I'm much more opinionated about all that than I thought!

Amy S. said...

I love a man that has a six pack.

Ana said...

I have not yet had the pleasure to read one of your books Karen but this one sounds amazing. I definitely have some reading to do.

As for a man, I enjoy a man with lean, strong muscles.

Chris said...

I like big sexy muscles. Especially arms and shoulders! MMM to have a guy with great arms grab ahold of me and squeeze...


shelli rodgers said...

i love a man who has the kind of muscles that came from hard work more than gym work. and i like them big but not too big.

RG Alexander said...

We have a special place in our heart for Melissa too :) And everyone knows how I feel about Karen ;)

CrystalGB said...

I love a guy who has muscles but not excessive ones.


Pommawolf Emeraldwolfeyes said...

Great excerpt and love the cover. Another to go on my gotta have asap wish list. Love your books Karen...*S*
Nothing wrong with a bit of muscle, and I agree not all lumpy with it either...LOL
Being a very short person most men are taller than me by far, and I love to be able to climb my dear H. :)

Thank for the give away!


pommawolf @

Ivelisse said...

I live a lean mean sexy machine, I do not like big muscles.

Karen Erickson said...

Hey everyone! Yeah I prefer a lean yet muscular machine. I mean, I like muscles but not too many and bulging veins freak me out! I want him juuuust me Goldilocks. ;)

Thanks for having us here today Melissa! And RG you know how much I love you...

Cathy M said...

The Smutketeers always liven up a party. Congrats on your recent release Karen, you picked a great excerpt to share to get us all hooked.

All my men are into cycling, so I am partial to lean and mean.

caity_mack at yahoo dot com

WickedLilPixie said...

Lean and Mean please, overt muscles give me the heebie jeebies ;) And well, they usually have small man parts bahahah

elaing8 said...

I like men with defined muscles. I don't like it when they are all veiny..ick.
And he's gotta have a six pack too :)

Monika Michalak said...

I love a BIG man with big muscles! Strong enough to flip me around like a rag doll and have his way with me! Oh and he has to have dark hair... (see the second entry of Man Candy Monday on my blog )

Jennifer Mathis said...

big bulging muscles for me yum yum

Eden Bradley said...

It's just me, so don't add my name to the random number generator when choosing your winner...I love a leanly muscled man. Most of the time. But once in a while a guy who is huge, just bulging with muscle. Makes a girl feel all girly. *G*

Crystal Jordan said...

I love a nice set of muscled arms on a man. And pecs. And abs. And legs., what was the question?

Mai said...

I love guys with a little bulk in all the places. But I'm a sucker for well defined he can pick me up :)

StacieDM said...

I like big arms and shoulders but I don't want the Incredible Hulk. I would prefer bigger over leaner. Skinny guys don't do a thing for me.

user1123 AT comcast DOT net

bc2mc3 said...

lean, mean sexy machine!!!! Absolutely!

Colleen said...

I love a man with some muscles... not too lean and not too bulked up...

SheriV said...

I love a lean mean sexy machine. I to feel that too many muscles is just high maintenance. But I've always had a thing for sexy geeks that are fit, with defined muscles.

smurfettev at gmail dot com

Janette said...

I'd like a lean mean fighting machine but with a little bit of muscle like Slyvester or Dano or McGarrett on H50. Or their sidekick recently off Lost.
Also I love your books Karen this is another to buy.

flchen1 said...

Lean and mean ;) But it's lovely when he's got some muscles... I'm just not a fan of super bulky. Great excerpt, Karen!

joder said...

I like a guy with well-defined abs but I definitely don't want Incredible Hulk-like muscles. It's just too much. And putting in too much effort on your muscles makes me think you're not going to put in effort on much else.

joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

daydrmzzz said...

I love big men :) hubby is 6' 2" and 235 lbs nicely built. I think legs are a sexy part on a man that a lot of men don't work out.

kog said...

I have to go with a lean, sexy machine. Tall with good muscles but not too much bulk. A little body hair, not too much.

Ok - gotta stop - am starting to drool on my keyboard!

Mindy said...

Great excerpt Karen :)
I LOVE a lean, mean, sexy machine!
Shoulder length or a little longer hair, not overly bulked up but well defined. YUMMY!

Mindy :)

Claudia said...

I've never read one of your books but this one sounds amazing and I will be buying it. As for what I like better, I like a "lean mean sexy machine" better.

Kim B said...

I like a big/tall guys with lean muscles. I like muscular, but not muscle bound. I'm 5'3, my hubby is 6'4. ;)

Christina said...

OMG I don't think I would turn down either =)
Can I have both? I guess if you make me choose...big well defined guy

Gabrielle Lee said...

I love a man with muscles. Not too much but enough to be considered muscular. Not a fan of the lean look.

Tami said...

I like the lean, slightly bulky type with a nice broad muscular back. The kind that looks like he can bundle you upin his arms. Yummy!

Susan said...

Oh YUM - big bulging muscles!! Especially the biceps and chest - ooh la la!

susanmik AT gmail DOT com

Anonymous said...

I like em lean too. I don't want to see bulging muscles everywhere. lol :)


Caffey said...

Hi Karen!! I used to not read alot of contemps but you so changed that for me with your books and when discovering you and everyone at Samhain! I so love the emotion with the sizzle you write! Gosh, is it fair to pick just one kind of hero, hehe. I like so many of them! I do like anything bulging, LOL. I can so picture them reading, sigh. So for today its that big hunky hero who's also a protector...sigh...

cathiecaffey @

Tiss said...

Depends on the man. Some men look good in big bulging muscles and some look better lean. Depends on. I don't like the body builder muscles, but some muscles are ok.

JaneE2059 said...

I like a handsome, but gentle man.

Karen Erickson said...

I'm loving the answers because everyone has a valid point! It's hard to choose - so let's take both. Big and hunky AND lean and mean. LMAO

Twisted Haute Mess said...

I like a little of both. Like Alex Skarsgaard. He's got the arms & chest yet is tall and lean. Oh YUM!


Anonymous said...

lean mean sexy machine
deslauree3 at aol dot com

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