Tuesday, March 8

Release Party: Imogen Howson

Next up we have Imogen Howson! She is offering up a digital copy of the first book in the series, Heart of the Volcano!
Want a chance? Let me know, would you be willing to go on a quest? And if you will, what or who do you want with you on the journey?

Meet Imogen


Sworn virgin, instrument of the god’s vengeance—helpless in her target’s arms.

Volcano Fire, Book 2

Maya, leader of the temple maenads, has learned nothing but contempt for the weakness of her human body. She lives for the ritual that transforms her into maenad form, ready to administer the vengeance of the volcano god.

Killing a fugitive shifter is not just her duty, but her delight—until, against all odds, he captures her, trapping her in her worst nightmare. Her vulnerable, easily controlled human form.

Marked for destruction by his forbidden gifts, empath and shifter Philos fled the city years ago to become a warrior for persecuted people like him. Now he has the enemy at his mercy—a maenad desperate to regain her power. But when they touch, he finds his empathic power not so much a gift as a terrible danger. To his people, and his heart.

Gradually, Maya realizes Philos is not a monster deserving of death. Yet even as she hesitantly offers to help in the war against the priests, she can risk no more than the bare beginnings of friendship with the man she was supposed to kill. Anything more, and she will forever lose access to the power she cannot bear to live without…

Product Warnings
Contains violence, deadly spider-venom, sex that gets interrupted at the last minute, sex that doesn’t get interrupted at the last minute, and plenty of not-your-usual shape-shifters.


rodgers.shelli said...

yes i would go on a quest. i would want someone who cares about me and makes me feel safe with me. that one person you look at and think "im home"

*yadkny* said...

I haven't read anything by Imogen Howson, but that series sounds really good!
I would be willing to go on a quest, but it would depend on what my end game is. A prerequisite for my journey would be a big hunk of a shapeshifting warrior:)


Colleen said...

A quest sounds like fun, but I would not want to face a lot of danger... who would I go with... someone trustworthy, brave, strong, and sexy!

Amy S. said...

Yes, I would. Keanu Reeves and Matthew McCaunghey.

elaing8 said...

I would go on a quest. I would take someone who I trusted with my life and know without a doubt they had my back no matter what.

Anonymous said...

I would go on a quest, and I'd take my best friends. They always have my back no matter what.

flchen1 said...

Sure, a quest sounds exciting! I would want my husband along--he's smart, persistent, and knows me; who would make a better partner than that?

jeanette8042 said...

I would go on a quest and I would definitely bring a shapeshifter to save my ass.

Jordan H. said...

I would so be down for a quest. All I would want with me would be a super hot buff guy who I could look at and who would carry me when I got tired *grins*

Modokker said...

If i was going i'd want one of those hot alpha males who know all about survival stuff to go with me. He'd be good to look at yet know how to get us there in one piece. lol

Lisa B

Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

A quest would be an awesome adventure! I would take all my pets, my husband and Zane - my '89 Camaro. :D Gotta have a horse to ride!

Anonymous said...

I would go on a quest. I would want someone who was protective and brave. Someone who would encourage me to persevere until I reached my goal.

Munk said...

I would go and i would want to bring Bear Grylls with me. LOL

BADklv said...

I would journey to the center of the Earth. I would take my hubby because I think we make a great team...and, he cracks me up! You have to have humor on a quest.

Mariee said...

I would go on a quest. I would bring my two dogs and a big hunky man who can keep me company.

marieimy (at) gmail (dot) com

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