Tuesday, September 14


We are actually down to less than a week because My Bookstore and More will release it the day before. Can you believe it? It feels like we have been waiting forever for this to come out!
Starting today and running through the 21st, I will be running my FACEBOOK FAN PAGE contest. You can read all about it HERE. After that, I am a busy bee with a lot of appearances which you can view on my NEWS page. I will be announcing something BIG for Harmless fans later this week there so be sure to pop over to talk with other Harmless fans.
I am off to corral kiddos and send them off to school. Then, I am back to work on A Little Harmless Lie, which is releasing in December. Oh, I guess we need a pretty man to celebrate?


Anonymous said...

Yay, exciting!!!!

And thanks for the pretty boy.

in Germany

Colleen said...

Nice way to celebrate! ;)

Brandy W said...

Nice man meat! That could really be taken the wrong way. Oh well. lol

Munk said...

We HAVE been waiting forever. I cant wait to finally get my hands on this book. It's killing me.

Melissa Schroeder said...

Thanks, everyone! I turned the book in last Oct, so I have been as anxious as all of you:)

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