Tuesday, August 24

Yahoo group

Well, I have lost my mind and started another reader/writer group. There will be times when I don't show up there, but I wanted to get something going to chat about books. I miss my old group so I started another one. You can join here:

Click to join MelsBookChatters

Click to join MelsBookChatters


Anonymous said...

Yippy I joined. But you have to promise me that you will announce asap when your next historical is released. I am getting a little antsy. I have to hear how those two finally got together. I love that series!!

Cathy M said...

Just joined too, Mel. Your old group was a lot of fun.

Melissa Schroeder said...

Thanks, ladies!

Tina Dowds said...

I joined but not really sure how it all works so I may not be there much !!

Anonymous said...


in Germany

Brandy W said...

Its a fabulous group already.

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