Sunday, August 22

Mel's Nook

For those of you who missed it on the other blog, I thought I would share my Nook video here:)


Brandy W said...

Okay I've made it like 4 minutes in and I'm totally jealous. I want a new reader so bad now. Ethan has been using my Sony to do his school reading on and loves it.

I think I might ask for a reader for Christmas. Wonder what will be coming out and the prices then.

Oh and you already sold me on the 3G Wifi stuff.

Melissa Schroeder said...

Well, you are entered here, so you never know:) I have heard rumors that they will be at or below 100 for Christmas. I do believe that will happen.

Brandy W said...

I hope it does happen. If they got low enough I wouldn't be against getting the older 2 readers. Or me a new reader and one for the girl child. She was pretty jealous that I downloaded books for Ethan.

Anonymous said...

You were wrong because your blog helped me decide that I do want one of these things so you did good!!


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